Društvo arhitekata Beograda - Alternative Car Park Tower – Hong Kong

Društvo arhitekata Beograda

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Alternative Car Park Tower – Hong Kong

[AC-CA] internacionalni konkurs

Autori: Studio MITarh
Brаnislаv Mitrović, diа. 
Jelenа Kuzmаnović, diа. 

Jelenа Perović, diа
Ognjen Krаšnа, diа
Biljаnа Apostolović, dia

Ana Cogoljević,dia

Sinišа Tаtаlović, diа. 

The very first image of the city offers the impression of a super defined context, simultaneously based on a direct contrast between the water surface and the city volume. What nature has created and human hand has made, stand right side by side, quite logically, forming the frame for variety of happenings, that too intensive surroundings as this one can presume.

Defining the architectural and urban concept was met with the issue of "finding the right balance" - or that of responding to the assignment as precisely as possible, with the awareness that not simply an automatised structure was expected, but an alternative one, endowed with a new expression - a refreshment in the conceptual sense of the already familiar.

In creating the initial idea an exception from usual stereotypes has been made – the one and the most improtant thing is function. It is considered as inevitable, but it is also related to the new aspect of  expressivness, non-associative form (not expected in the context), and especially for the requested purpose.

The solution is based on the idea of a building and a ground floor that arises from each other, comes after each other and quite spontaneously creates a contact with water surface. The new approach distinguishes from existing and dominant concept of the closest surroundings, where the  volume of the buildings clearly separates from the ground floor (vertical axis).

So, the main impression would be the volume that emerges from the ground, while creating the “green square” on which the 52-storey tower sits on vertical axis (clearly visible).Car users enter and exit the building under the level of  “the new” ground floor - public space, and pedestrians access the building, public spaces by means of the escalators and elevators situated on both street sides.

The automatic system enables cars to be placed onto certain positions and according to that users can get to the all spaces of alternative use, predicted by the programme. It also offers an alternative for those that want to reach the city in the shortest way, using the lateral access.

The “organic” membrane of the garage in its background – in a space between structure and facade enables necessary and atractive ambiances to be created. In that sense the tower would become proactive and  new atraction in a way, because of the club and a cafe on its top with atractive panoramic view of the city.

Društvo arhitekata Beograda
Beograd , Kneza Miloša 7a/III
Tel 011/3230 059,
tel-fax 011/3239 754
E-mail: office@dab.rs
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