Društvo arhitekata Beograda - ARCHITECTURAL TEXT BETA 2016 competition

Društvo arhitekata Beograda

Beograd, Kneza Miloša 7a/III, tel 011/3230 059, tel-fax 011/3239 754 e-mail: office@dab.rs


The ARCHITECTURAL TEXT category from the BETA 2016 competition* stimulates and promotes the theoretical and critical discourse as a fundamental element for the current and future conditions of our cities.

In the ARCHITECTURAL TEXT category participants can submit essays in which to expose their personal approach on the URBAN VIEW** theme.

The competition is open to anyone interested in the architectural discourse: architects, urbanists, landscape architects, architecture students, academics, critics, theorists, sociologists, psychologists, philosophers etc., with stable residence in Romania, Serbia or Hungary.

For more details, please consult the competition website:


* The BETA 2016 competition supports and promotes architecture in its various forms and manifestations. As the main event of the BETA architecture biennial in Timișoara, the competion is intended to be a relating interface both within the profession and between the profession and the sociocultural environment in which it operates.

** The URBAN VIEW theme is an urge to get position and to enter into dialogue, to be involved in the process of collaboration, essential for a healthy urban environment; the CITY will be understood as a juxtaposition of the two main dimensions: the human and the urban, since there is reciprocal modeling relationship between them

Društvo arhitekata Beograda
Beograd , Kneza Miloša 7a/III
Tel 011/3230 059,
tel-fax 011/3239 754
E-mail: office@dab.rs
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