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Društvo arhitekata Beograda

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Beta competitions

Beta competition is one of the main events with an euroregional opening (RO, HU, SRB) from the Timișoara architecture biennial Beta, organized by the Romanian Order of Architects – Timiș Territorial Branch.

Beta competition and its related exhibition supports and promotes quality architecture in all its forms and manifestations, being conceived as a relational interface both within the profession and between the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates.

1. Built space

2. Interior space

3. Public space

4. Graduation projects

5. Initiatives / Experiments / Visions

6. Essay

7. Photography

The competition is open to all those who contribute to the creation of quality architecture in the Euroregion (RO,HU,SRB), of which architects, urbanists, landscape architects, scenographers, light artists, graduates of architecture / interior architecture / urban planning / visual arts / design, engineers, IT-ists, public administrations, NGOs, sociologists, psychologists, critics, theorists, philosophers, photographers etc.

Participants can submit works realized in the past two years (finalized projects / proposals / projects that reinterprete the role of architecture, including essays on housing) in the following seven categories: 1.Built space, 2.Interior space, 3.Public space, 4.Graduation projects, 5.Initiatives / Experiments / Visions, 6.Essay and 7.Photography.

Registration deadline is 30th of July.

More info:

- the competition website: https://competition.betacity.eu/en/

- the media pack: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cRQGHryO9mqI43YtpyUli19CNwhjI9Sa?usp=sharing 

 The competition is open to the three neighboring countries – Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

 The submitted works will be evaluated by 3 teams of jurors – one for category 7.Photography, consisting of Laurian Ghinițoiu (RO), Relja Ivanic (SRB) and Norbert Juhasz (HU), one for the 6th category Essay, consisting of Anna Puigjaner Barberá (ES), René Boer (NL) and James Taylor-Foster (UK/SE), and one for the other 5 categories, consisting of 5 jury members: Vlad Sebastian Rusu (RO), Maja Lalić (SRB), Péter Klobusovszki (HU), Matevz Celik (SLO) and Diana Dina (UK).

 The Beta competition is taking place online, on the competition.betacity.eu website, available in Romanian and English.

 More details on eligibility and participation conditions can be obtained by consulting the competition Rules available on the website.

Društvo arhitekata Beograda
Beograd , Kneza Miloša 7a/III
Tel 011/3230 059,
tel-fax 011/3239 754
E-mail: office@dab.rs
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